Honeybee Queen

$ 20.00

  1. We raise our own queens which are from Purdue and Ontario Buckfast and crossed with Pennsylvania survivor stock; for more details on the genetics refer to the work we did w/ the USDA SARE grant program (google "Pennsylvania queen bee improvement").  Some of the parents include USDA ARS VSH trait, Purdue leg-chewers, Mite-Mauler and Ontario Buckfast.  We have been near treatment free IPM ( Intergrated Pest Management) since 2003, then started using oxalic acid, formic and other soft treatments in 2015 (this was needed to preserve promising breeding stock that was being lost over winter.) 

We have Purdue Leg-Chewers Queens.  

Note: on the three options for queens, Mated Queens are available starting in June through October. Virgin Queens are for people who understand how to mate queen, not for new beekeepers unless you have a mentor. Breeder Queens are evaluated to contain the "mite biting" behavior and are daughter of "Purdue Leg Chewers" and tested via field assay. The field test/assay is when we look at the mites on the bottom boards an to verify that that colony is chewing the legs off of mite at 40% or more.


Shipping is based on seasonal availability, we will contact you, or you us to schedule.  Shipping will charged after you tell us how you want them shipped.




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