We will soon be accepting orders for Spring and Summer 2018!!

AlwaysSummerHerbs has selected our favorite varieties of herbs for you. We proudly grow the majority of our plants from seed or from one of our 50 stock plants. Our herbs are grown using an environmentally friendly integrated pest management (IPM) method (no organophosphate or chlorinated pesticides) that utilizes soaps, oils, naturally occurring beneficial fungus, beneficial insects and insect growth regulators to control undesirable pests and diseases. We especially rely on the lady bugs, praying mantis, wrens and bats to control the insects!

We don't say 'Organic' because you need another state program for that and we feel what we do it better than what they require anyway.  (California requires special treatment, which departs towards conventional methods.) AlwaysSummerHerbs provides all of our herbs in 3.5-inch pots to assure healthy, vigorous plants.  Our plants are generally 2 to 3 times larger in size than your local garden center!

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