Honeybees Nucleus Colony 5-Frame Medium

$ 50.00

A nucleus colony (aka nuc) is small complete colony of honeybees.  It contains 5 frames of drawn foundation which contains a laying queen, nurse bees, workers and drones.  The frames have either brood ( eggs, larvae, sealed brood ),  or have honey and pollen in them as part of the working colony.  We raise our own queens which are from: Ontario Buckfast or Purdue Leg-chewer Carniolan, both are crossed with Pennsylvania survivor stock.  Also, some of the 'Mite Mauler', which we call Martha Carpenter Mite-maulers an Italian style bees is available. The Purdue Leg-chewer stock is of limited quantity, and early orders will be ready by June 1.  We are producing in limited qty and second batch of late-May Nucs after Mothers Day.


2019 Nuc sales are SOLD OUT!  Cold nights and rainy days have severely impacted queen mating return percentages, and drone layers. 

May 25th is our target date this year for EARLY Nucs [before February], (ORDER #1855-1915) 6:30-8pm

Orders before February 15 will be the second round for pick up  Wed May 29th. (ORDER # 1916-1935) 6:30-8PM

Orders received BEFORE April 1, should be ready by tentatively June 5TH. (ORDER #1936-1952)

Other later orders ready by June 15.

Depending on how cold or late Spring is, and so far it is COLD, these dates may slide back about 2 weeks depending on queen mating weather.  So far queen mating has been slow going.  We have been frantically grafting queen cells but many are being chewed back down when we have a storm or cold weather.  You may get a substitute variety.

That's farmin'.  We would like nothing more than for you to get you bees ASAP, but we want them to be right, and not to have your queen conk out.

When picking up, please bring a pick up if possible. Or we can supply you with a special box. There is a $10 box deposit.

For directions best to use Google maps, you MUST turn right just after railroad tracks; or you can't get there from here. 724.967.1957 c if lost. 

For more details on the genetics refer to the work we did w/ the USDA SARE grant program (google "Pennsylvania queen bee improvement", or "Mite Biting Behavior", and facebook: Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Coop)

Queen are available after June 15.  We prioritize nuc customers first, then sell the queens.  Your order is placed in line based on your payment date, so "First in - First out" the door.  You can pre-pay using the shopping cart below.

You can also make a deposit for your nucs using this website. 





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