We won the USDA award! We have been funded by the USDA for Mite-biting and feral bees. April 15 2017

We have been awarded grant money to continue the study and development of bees that have 'Mite-biting Behavior' for 2017: Mite-biting behavior in feral swarms: The Pennsylvania Queen Improvement Project FNE17-863 We will capturing wild/feral swarms in PA, OH, and WV and compare them to our current Purdue 'leg chewers' aka Mite Maulers, and a control group. There will be several field days for people to be able to obtain these...

USDA funding Mite-biting bees, aka Purdue leg chewers! November 17 2016

GREAT NEWS FOR THE BEES! We have been funded for another year of field research from the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Department.  Here is the project title and description: Pennsylvania queen bee program and Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Cooperative: Mite-biting behavior and overwintering success Research from the North Central SARE region has identified a genetic trait that triggers varroa mite biting behavior in honeybees. The farmer will measure this...

Building a Better Honeybee- Mite-biters on NPR January 09 2016

Here is the interview that NPR did with Penn State and Always Summer Herbs about the Purdue Leg-chewers bees that Dr. Hunt bred.

NPR's Lou Blouin interviews Jeff Berta about mite-biting bees. September 21 2015

Lou Blouin came to Pennsylvania State Beekeepers picnic and found us exchanging queen bees which have the "Mite-biting" genetic trait.  We think he did a great job covering a complex topic. see link    

Local TV station WTAE reports our groundbreaking genetics! August 12 2015

Reporter Michelle Wright from WTAE spent to day looking at our Purdue Mite-biting bees.  She was captivated how they chew the legs of off so many of them we could not find any mites to film while they were here-WOW, imagine that as problem!    

Sharing Purdue Mite-biting Behavior Genetics July 29 2015

On June 27, 2015 beekeepers from Pennsylvania and Ohio met at Slippery Rock to exchange queens, as part of the USDA SARE outreach. Instead of exchanging fully mated queens, we exchanged queen cells that are only 48 hours old.  The beekeepers then go back to their bee yards and finish raising the queen, and then she open mates with locally adapted drone stock.  This is a quick and inexpensive way...

We won the AWARD! February 24 2015

We have been awarded a USDA SARE grant for 2015 for breeding honeybees.  Pennsylvania has teamed with the Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Coop for breeding bees that bite the legs off of the varroa mite parasite that has been plaguing them.  These bees are referred to as the Purdue "Leg-Chewers" developed by Dr. Hunt.  We have these for sale in limited supply.

Awarded Grant from Partnership for Sustainable Pollinators and Bees July 30 2014

The Partnership for Sustainable Pollinators and Bees has awarded Always Summer Herb, LLC money to plant additional "bee friendly" plants in 2014.  We currently have pollinator plantings and manage fallow meadows/wetlands for our honey bees and native pollinators and butterflies, the grant has increased the size and diversity of these plantings.  We have added: Phacelia, Lavender, Butterfly Bush, Thyme, Oregano, Savory, Mints, and Artemesia to our pastures next to our...

Latest in Honey Bees June 30 2014

We just got back from Purdue University with some special Honeybee Queens!  These are a new type of bee that defends itself from the parasitic Varroa mite, they bite the legs off of them! That way the parasites cannot stick onto the fuzzy bees and harm them any more.  Nature adapts to her environment,  Dr. Hunt calls them "Indiana Leg Chewers".  We are cross breeding these with our Pennsylvania survivor...

The 2014 Season Starts March 06 2014

Our season is starting now at the Pittsburgh Home Show March 7th though the 16th. We will be in booth 2914 with local honey and herb teas. Hope to see you there!
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