New Hardy Genetics! June 28 2021

We are part of the PA Queen Improvement Project, which owes it origins Indiana Queen Breeders Assoc. and the WV Queen producers.  David Shenefeld and Dan O'Hanlon were very generous in helping us to organize our state organization.

IQBA-Dave Schenefeld and Matt Evans

This is a picture of David ( Third from R ), as they are distributing Artificially Inseminated queens to the over 40 IQBA members in the state of Indiana.  David has worked with Dr. Greg Hunt at Purdue since 2007 developing the Indiana Leg Chewers genetic stock.  The goal is overwintering success and mite resistance.

Each year, the IQBA members select the best overwintered, leg-chewing stock, that has the best honey production.  And from that virgins and drones are produced for Artificial Insemination and placed in nucleus colonies for pick up on the June field day.

We attended this year, and David gave us a IQBA AI breeder queen, and many virgins from this specially selected stock.

We will start selling queens from the IQBA stock at the end of July!