Insemination Fest for HHBBC and EPIQ projects held in Slippery Rock for 2023! February 10 2023

The Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Coop (HHBBC) meets once a year to artificially inseminate our best queens from across 8 states. 

We then use these inseminated breeders for the next season to create new daughter queens, then evaluate them for an entire season and winter.  This year, as part of the Penn State EPIQ grant,  we will be merging the best locally adapted survivor stock from a 2-year 400-hive scientific study (USDA CARE) with the best Mite-biting behavior genetics from the Purdue Bee Lab.  Locally adapted genetic stock has been proven to survive winter better, produce 35% more honey, this is coupled with the Purdue stock, which adds mite and disease resistance into the mix.

We are honored and excited to host this event in Slippery Rock, PA at the our bee lab!