Artificially Inseminated Breeder Queen-Dark Purdue Mite-biter

$ 200.00

We now use artificial insemination to produce breeder queens! The Apis Engineering Queen Station is the tool we use to perform this delicate task. We allow queen to lay at least one frame of sealed brood to check performance before shipping.  These queens are used for producing daughter queens, not as a production colony.

Purdue Mite-biters are selected primarily for leg chewing and overwintering.

They tend to be lighter and produce more honey.  Honey production tends to be over 120 pounds, and overwintering in larger clusters. They are very hygienic showing brood removal when we test them using Harbo (mating mites in cell) or Buchler (pin-killed brood see below pic) assays.  Very gentle in nature, and tend to maintain larger colonies, with good brood nest management so they will not starve.

Note: this queen does NOT include shipping cost, this will have to be determined by your preferences, and billed when we ship.  We will work with you for the best outcome! 


When picking up, please bring a pick up if possible. Or we can supply you with a special box. There is a $10 box deposit.

For directions best to use Google maps, you MUST turn right just after railroad tracks; or you can't get there from here. 724.967.1957 c if lost. 

For more details on the genetics refer to the work we did w/ the USDA SARE grant program (google FNE17-863, "Pennsylvania queen bee improvement", or "Mite Biting Behavior", and facebook: Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Coop)

Queen are available after May 15.  We prioritize nuc customers first, then sell the queens.  Your order is placed in line based on your payment date, so "First in - First out" the door.  You can pre-pay using the shopping cart below.

You can also make a deposit for your nucs using this website. 


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